The Fifth Global Conference on Creating Value is held at Kanazawa Bunka Hall in Kanazawa city.

  • Address: 15-1 Takaoka-machi Kanazawa-city Ishikawa, Japan 920-0864
  • Website: only)
  • Access to Kanazawa Bunka Hall from Kanazawa station
    ▶15 minutes by BUS. (200 yen) 

        Please check for more information.

10 minutes by Taxi. (Approx. 1,000yen)

▶25 minutes on foot.

The closest airport to Kanazawa city is Komatsu airport, located in Ishikawa prefecture.
For more information about Komatsu Airport:

Komatsu Airport ⇔ Kanazawa Station 

  • From Komatsu Airport to Kanazawa Station takes 40 minutes by limousine bus.
    Limousine bus will depart 15 minutes after the arrival of flights (1,150yen).
    From Seoul, Shanghai, Hongkong and Taipei, please take a bus connecting from domestic airlines.


Airports in Tokyo ⇔ Kanazawa Station 


Kansai Airport ⇔ Kanazawa Station 

Japan Regional Collaboration: DMO Roppongi and Ishikawa Prefecture

Please check the Kanazawa tourist information guide (Japanese Page / English Page) for more information about Kanazawa city.

Kenroku-en: A strolling-style landscape garden counted as one of the three noted gardens in Japan